Liquid Trust
Live Sonic Cinema

Szuper Gallery - Susanne Clausen & Pavlo Kerestey

Voice and Text:
Michele Sereda

Ben Brown and China Cloud Ensemble:
Ben Brown - Percussion
Dominic Conway - Saxophone
Colin Cowan - Bass
Elisa Thorn - Harp

Brigitte Potter-Mael
Shirley Sung
Farsana Jahdchehr
Sylvia Kwong
Kelly Davis
Ross Birdwise
Conductor: DB Boyko

Special Effect:
Uriel Kerestey

Szuper Gallery and Curtain Razors

Liquid Trust at Western Front, Van










Ballet-Granite/Siberia, 2012
Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia

Szuper Gallery with Michele Sereda and with dancers from the Perm Dance Institute.

Performed by: Nastja Jarygina, Sveta Sharova, Ivan Sharov, Nastja Neprina, Aljena Meljcina, Irina Ankudinova, Dasha Osotova, /Katja Kovaljchuk /Dasha Jurganova / Kostareva Sofia / Ljubov Shmykova / Alex Wens, /Andrej Chernyj / /Eduard Usupov / Agafya Rakina

Choreography: Michele Sereda
Camera: Pavel Kerestey, Susanne Clausen ,Alexandr Belov, /Denis Sopegin, Alexandr Khomutov,
Sound Operator: Stepan Sergeev
Light: Pavel Kerestey
Set Design: Pavel Kerestey
Video edit: Szuper GalleryProduction: PERMM/Szuper Gallery/Curtain Razors











Be realistic! How can lumps of rocks zooming around in space affect our lives down here? - Gorilla Tactics, 2012
32 mins

Kunstmuseum Thun
nteract 1/ New Social Sculptures
31. March – 9. April / 28. April – 24. June 2012

What is the impact of the permanent state of crisis? What do mountain gorillas have in common with early 21st century city dwellers? What are the connections between the utterings of a recovering stroke patient and a group of children lounging in a gallery? These are some of the elements—physical and conceptual— that make up Szuper Gallery’s new project. Economic crisis, global warming, nuclear winter, we are permanently reminded that we are imminently facing a catastrophe. Considering the changing states and the surprising emergence of the normal as crisis, Szuper Gallery presents a multi-layered project in order to explore the notion of performance as social practice. The project includes an installation in the Projektraum enter and a new live performance produced in collaboration with Canadian actor Michele Sereda, featuring Prof. Klaus Zuberbühler, primatologist, University of St Andrews, Scotland, Colonal General Hans-Ulrich Haldimann, Kommandant Waffenplatz Thun and 30 school children from 2 local primary schools.

A co-operation with the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, curated by Dorothee Richter



Ballet - Granite (2011)
Szuper Gallery and Curtain Razors

Live Performance:
Dur: 50 mins
MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, CA
May 6, 2011 - 8:00 pm
May 7, 2011 - 2:00pm

Direction/Conception - Susanne Clausen, Pavlo Kerestey, Michele Sereda
Performance Installation - Susanne Clausen, Pavlo Kerestey
Performers - Jason Cawood, Susanne Clausen, Blair Fornwald, Morgan Garneau, John Hampton, Pavlo Kerestey
Michele Sereda
Cave Video - Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey
Sound scape - Szuper Gallery
Voice - Michele Sereda
Ballet Band - Billy Hughes, Trent Mailander and Otis Young
Music - Dance of the Spirits - Danilo Villalta
Technical Direction - Kenneth Young
Stage Management - Paul Crepeau
Sound Support - Jeff Morton

Structural Design Consultant - James Phillips and Caragana Production Design Inc
Set Assistants - Rebbeca Donison and Shelby Lowe
Headress - Alla Sidorenko
Costume consultation - Dean Renwick
Documentation, Still - Carey Shaw, Szuper Gallery
Documentation, Moving - Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot
Administration + PR - Carey Shaw and the Mackenzie Art Gallery

Produced by Curtain Razors and Szuper Gallery in collaboration with the Mackenzie Art Gallery with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the City of Regina Arts Advisory Committee.

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The Extras - Regina, 2008
Performance with 23 extras, 2 live cameras, live video and sound mixing, video projection, lighting

project website>>

Idea: Szuper Gallery
Direction/Camera/Concept: Pavlo Kerestey, Susanne Clausen, Michele Sereda
Editing: Susanne Clausen
Camera: Jason Cawood, David Geiss, Pavlo Kerestey
Sound scape/Image mixing: Jeff Morton
Production Assistant/Extras Wrangler: Cameron Wiest, Beverly Andrews
Photo Credits: Szuper Gallery, Gary Robins, Jason Cawood
Producer: Michele Sereda

Extras: Michele Sereda
Erroll Kinistino , Nik Burton , Cheyenna McKenzie
Kurt Brown , Chelsea McKenzie , Ramses Calderon , Kendra Hobbins, Heather Cameron , Arnold McKenzie, Blair Fournald , Simon Moccasin , Angel Genereux, Alex Monteith, Jennifer Jones, Susu Robin, Dwayne King, Claudia Vallev, Melanie Vollman, Diana Zhang, Jared Moldenhauer, Micke O'Shea, Janet Stoody, Bonnie Schaffer, Carolyn Sunquist, Gordon Jardin, Janet Samoisette, Mackenzie Delorme, Elizabeth Acteson-Unrau, Joanne Kowalchuk, Nola Chaplin, Renee Quining, Jayna McLellanm Connie Chaplin, Donna Dyck, Hannah Dyck, Katie Dyck, Emma Dyck , Madison Hiltz, Gil Trithardt, Dorothea Trithardt, Adam Jack, James Donais, Jamie Ermine, Spencer Horse, Jonathan Chamakese, Uriel Kerestey
Valerie Overend, Carle Steele, Brenda Stevenson, Jo Anne Lauder, Dianne Shannon, Jayne Clendening Donna Burton





Artists' Studio, London
Live Performance with 6 actors, 2 directors, 1 camera, 1 laptop, 2 video lights, amplifyer, 2 speakers.

Mansel David, Igor Guelman-Zak, Lyndsey Housden, Alison Mackenzie, Eun-Jung Lee, Christer Lundahl, Michael Mosol












I will survive, 2007

Kunstverein Bregenz, Magazin 4
Film-performance during 2 days aroun the city of Bregenz












The Extras, 2005
Live Art Biennial, Western Front, Vancouver

Vancouver Public Library
Performance with 20 Extras, 3 speakers, 2 directors, 3 cameras, 1 photographer, Mylar placards and banners, held at Library Square Atrium, October 16, 2005



Art Contact Forum Box, Helsinki






Offener Kanal, Bremen







VENICE 2000, 2001
Banff Centre for Art & Media, Banff





VENICE, 2001
South London Gallery, London





Performance Installation
CRASH!- Corporatism and Complecity, ICA, London







Insitute for Contemporay Art, London





Pudelclub, Hamburg





Live performance, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London