Other projects
  robin   The Effects of Robin, 2010, photo series  

  LIFTARCHIV 2001-2005
The Liftarchiv is a permanent site-specific installation, housed in the Munich immigration office. It consists of permanent sculpture, a provocative glass container, a series of 10 subsequent installations inside it and a series of related events, some produced in collaboration with other artists over the period of 4 years (2001- 2005). The project investigated how the both interventionist and collaborative strategies employed in its process, function in relation to the complex issue of immigration and its administration, presented by such an institution.



work/arbeit/rabota, 2007
Artists' Studio presents a new site-specific video installation by Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen & Pawlo Kerestey). Working with a group of actors/performers in the Artists' Studio apartment in a specifically designed set, Szuper Gallery have divided the lower space into a dark mirrored studio/living space and the upper space into a light gallery. The video evolves as the performers move through and inhabit the plush Knightsbridge location. They are rehearsing an interview, focusing on the context of the space, Szuper Gallery's history as a commercial gallery and its alleged relations to the Post-Soviet Mafia.


  The Extras
performances, videos, texts
an ongoing theatrical enquiry, a re-creation of a mock film shoot performance of an actual extra scene shot. As the re-creating of the scene unfolds experiences, stories, and incidences that happened to extras on film shoots emerge. The performance/installation would involves extra performers, crew, cameras, lighting, and sound support the installation and the mock "film set up".

  Curatorial Vaudeville, 2008
a series of performative workshops, Workshop and Video Performance Project: Performative Curating, produced by Szuper Gallery in collaboration with the Postgraduate Program in Curating, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK, Zurich
    QUIVID, Demokratie als Auftraggeber, 2001
exhibition design and architecture

Interviews und Installation,
Künstlerhaus Bremen


    Red Poncho
Photo series, 2001
Proposals for a mobile Szuper Gallery

Various architectual cake models

  Limelight Platform, 2003
proposal for a shopping plaza