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Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
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Performance and live film shoot, 1 actor, 60 extras, 2 directors, 2 live cameras, sound, projection.

The Extras” is a video performance referencing the form of a film shoot, involving an actor, (Michele Sereda), numerous background performers, cameras, lighting and sound crews. “The Extras” contextualises local Saskatchewan film history within an experimental live tableau. “The Extras” aims to create a conceptual monument to the world of Karl May, Winnetou and Chinganchgook, with reference to Uranium exploitation and entrepreneurial cultures in the city.

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Jane Stoody, Crow's Nest Fort Qu'Appelle
"The Extras has a feel of both spontaneity and uncertainty. At its most literal level it works with events of local/historical importance, like worker's struggles, referencing global and geopolitical themes along the way.

But it is in its deliberate exercise of semiotic s that the Extras is so playful and well carried-off. In the performance, language has its syntax altered becoming objectified and exposed as the clumsy tool it can be, while simultaneously presenting itself as both creative act and imaginative leap, a tool that points to rather than is something, retaining its own mystery.

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