An Unexpected Journey

In 2012 an ordinary boy called Uriel, in the middle of a school term, was informed that he was going to go with his mum and dad to Zurich because of their work. His parents were artists and wanted to make a film there. Uriel had to go with them because his granddad, who supposed to look after him, wasn’t feeling well, and therefore he could not come and look after him. Uriel was struck with happiness. One whole week off from school would be really, REALLY good. So he had landed in an unexpected journey.

On the day of the trip they caught the Railair bus to Heathrow central bus station. From there they went to the airport building, gave in their luggage and went through the security check. They waited about 20 minutes until they were called into their plane. It took about two and a half hours to fly to Zurich. In the plane the airhostess gave them really nice chocolate and a big Rubik’s cube which Uriel figured out how to use on the plane. Then they went on a train, it was really cool because it was a double decker, and they at on the top deck. It took them to another City called Thun. This city had lots of mountains and was very pretty.

Once there they went on a bus to their hotel. For breakfast they had croissants. Then they went to an art gallery and Uriel got to meet his mum’s friend. It was in a big old hotel. Inside there were lots of nice art works with swirls and whirls of all kind, on them.

The next day his mum had a surprise for him, they were going to a cave. Uriel was really delighted. He had never been in a cave before. So they set off with a bus for about 20 minutes. Once there they met a man who showed them around a little bit. Uriel felt a bit nervous, what if the cave fell on his head. But it didn’t. It looked scary inside and it had been like this for hundreds of years.


They walked for 20 minutes, deep into the cave. Inside it sounded like a leaky tap in a very silent room, water was dripping from the walls. There were no animals living inside the cave, there was only a long curvy path. There were many rock tubs with lots of water in. Normally it would be pitch black in the cave but luckily there were some lights. Usually you had to pay to get in but they went in on a Sunday and they had an appointment with the tour guide who showed them around.


The next day his mum and dad said they wanted to make a film in the cave. This time they went really deep inside, until they passed some big waterfalls. While his mum and dad were busy filming, Uriel looked around, but then he got bored and he had asked if he could borrow his mum’s Ipad. He watched 'Wallace and Gromit and The Curse of the Were Rabbit' on it. After several hours they left. On the way back he noticed that, weirdly, someone had stuck the flag of Switzerland on one of the rocks (one that you put on sandcastles).

When we got back to the art gallery it was getting dark so they went to a restaurant for dinner. They tried a special fish from the Lake of Thun. Uriel thought it was really good. While his mum was working with some other people, he was allowed to play on the computer in the art gallery. Then they went back to Zurich and stayed in a very smart hotel. There he had three croissants for breakfast. It was really nice in the hotel. Luckily his mum had bought him a Club Penguin magazine that came with a free 7-day membership. So he played Club Penguin all evening.

Then it was time to go back home. They packed their things and took one last look around town and then went to Zurich airport and took the flight back home. On Monday when he was back at school, he went and told all his friends what had happened during the weekend.